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Crafted Cocktails Mixers: Bold flavors using Watermelon and Pineapple... What is not to like?

The Crafted Cocktails name says it all with a lineup of top shelf, quality cocktail mixers that make it easy to enjoy your favorite cocktails at home without all the messy ingredients.

It all started when Felicia Vieira wanted to capture the flavor of favorite top-shelf cocktails across her home state of California and across the country. So she started making her own cocktail recipes at home and eventually gravitated toward making low-calorie, all-natural cocktail mixers. Eventually, friends and family were demanding them for their events and parties. In 2014, the Crafted Cocktails brand (Cocktail Brand Co.) was born in San Diego, CA. Over time, they have developed a very loyal following and grown to become one of America’s leading natural craft beverage companies.
Crafted Brand Co. has a great assortment cocktail mixers, shrubs, sparkling drinking vinegars and club soda. The cocktail mixers cover all the classic cocktails but they also have a couple of nice flavor surprises including spicy watermelon and gimlet. It is also rare to find a brand that produces both premium cocktail mixers and shrubs.

In this review we tasted the Mai Tai and Jalapeño Pineapple cocktail mixers along with the Asian Pear shrub. We generally followed the recommended recipe on each bottle.

Spicy Watermelon Cocktail Mixer

Hands down... one of the best cocktail mixers we have ever tasted. We tried it with tequila to make a killer Margarita at home. The combination of the real Watermelon flavor and spicy pepper extract is so mouthwatering and refreshing that we drank almost the whole bottle in one sitting (we were at home, so it ended well). 

The unique combination of flavors really works well together and the real watermelon flavor takes us back to those summer picnics we used to have as kids. While we tried it with tequila, we could see it pairing well with rum or vodka, depending on your preference.

If you're looking to try something new or just love the flavor profile, you definitely will not be disappointed with this delicious cocktail mixer!

Bro Fist Bumps: 5 out of 5



Mai Tai Cocktail Mixer

The Mai Tai, created by Trader Vic, is one of the most classic cocktails of all-time, typically combining the character of rum, fruity sweetness and tart citrus flavor. But there is no law on how to best achieve this amazing combo of flavors. The Crafted Cocktails Mai Tai mixer is a unique take on this classic cocktail by combining guava puree with orange and passion fruit flavors. You will notice there is no orgeat or almond flavor in this mixer but it didn't matter because it was still delicious. It was a flavorful, tropical drink with great guava flavor in the spirit of a classic Mai Tai cocktail.

We also tried different variations by adding coconut rum or orange juice to give it an extra tropical boost. While it may not be the original Mai Tai recipe, it certainly tastes great, especially if you like guava. If you love tropical fruit cocktails and want great flavor for your Mai Tai then we highly recommend this tasty cocktail mixer.      

Bro Fist Bumps: 4 out of 5      



Jalapeño Pineapple Cocktail Mixer

The first thing you will notice when opening the bottle is the balanced smell of both the jalapeño and pineapple infused flavors. The cocktail mixer is a great blend of pineapple, jalapeño, lime and 100% agave syrup. While we tried it with tequila and made a killer margarita, we would not classify it as solely a margarita mixer, the bottle calls it a "Lanai" mix, since it also serves as a solid base for many different liquors like rum or vodka. We also tried it with rum and it was definitely sweeter, so our favorite was to mix it with the bite of tequila.
The harmonious blend of the jalapeño and pineapple flavors works pretty well but we would not consider it very spicy when you think about jalapenos. We could handle slightly more spiciness. But overall, it has great flavor and does make a pretty tasty margarita.
Bro Fist Bumps: 4.5 out of 5
The Craft Cocktails mouthwatering cocktail mixers definitely live up to their name with real flavors and quality ingredients that make it so easy to enjoy cocktails at home. There are plenty of flavors to choose from and are among the most delicious mixers you will find anywhere. It is easy to understand now how the brand has grown a loyal customer base so quickly. If you're looking for tasty, quality cocktail mixers so you can enjoy a Margarita, Mai Tai or Moscow Mule at home without all the fuss then you will be very happy with this lineup of cocktail mixers, shrubs and drinking vinegars.

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